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Vegan Popeye Pizza

So fresh and so clean

Fueling a Plant-Based/Vegan Revolution: Nourishing Hearts and Changing Tastes

With every bite, you join us in reshaping the culinary landscape and embracing a compassionate lifestyle.

Our Handling

Why Choose Us?

Vegan Fresh Bread

Variety Fresh Breads

Multigrain, Wheat, Sugar Free, Garlic Loaves, Sweet breads & much more. Made to Order.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Easy Customations

All cheeses, chocolate spreads, nut butters are made in house, thereby 100% customizable!

Vegan Friendly Gurgaon

100% Plant Based

Order carefree, knowing best ingredients are used without dairy or meat contamination.

Vegan Tart Affordable

Affordable Cafe

Reasonably priced with an unmatched taste! Try once and become our lifelong customer!

Our Shop

Our Best Selling Categories

Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizzas

Savor the Irresistible: Indulge in Our Artisanal Vegan Pizzas

Vegan Mousse Cake

Vegan Cakes

Cheesecakes & Regular Cakes – Take your pick.

Vegan Burgers

Vegan Burger

Burgers Sandwiches and other snacks – under 1 roof.

Vegan Pizza Moz

Cheesy & Chocolate Spreads

Pizza Liquid Moz, Mayonnaise, Chocolate Spreads.


Transparency and Continuous Innovation

At Ethigreenz, we believe in transparency and continuous improvement in our pursuit of creating exceptional vegan food products. We are committed to sharing our journey with our valued customers, ensuring that you have full confidence in the delectable treats we offer.

15% Discount

15% Discount on your First Order. Delivery charges applicable. Use Code : FIRSTORDER on checkout.

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Clients Reviews

testimonial ethigreenz

The food was great! Both my non vegan friends liked it especially the falafel and donuts. Thank you for making the party awesome🤩🌱

AAdITya Tomar

testimonial ethigreenz

Friendly people, great value and delicious cakes. All vegan.

Mohit Garg

testimonial ethigreenz

Loved the food. The desserts were amazing. Try the Banofi Pie for sure.

Tushar Agarwal

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