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Tuesday – Sunday
10:30 AM – 9 PM

Closed on: Monday

Useful Information

Shop 1, GF, Ansh Complex, Opp. PD Plaza, Fazilpur, Sec. 72, Gurugram, HR, 122004

+91 9971980350

Get in Touch?

If you wish to know more about our work/cafe, collaborate for supply of vegan products or wish to plan a birthday party for about 15-20 people, do connect with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the entire menu at cafe vegan/plant based?

Absolutely, our founder has been vegan since 2016 and makes sure all ingredients are plant based and not sourced from animals.

Do you have a seating space at cafe?

Yes, we do have around 5 tables at the moment and can accomodate upto 20 people at one time. Small gathering for Birthday parties, Kitty Parties can be easily arranged with us.

Do you have mock meats as well?

We did have it in our menu earlier, but sales or queries for them were very low and products expired before we could use them. So we donot have mock meat in our menu anymore.

Can you customize menu for Jain families or Soy Free Requirement?

Generally, some products are pre-prepared, which tend to have onion, garlic or soy. If you give us an advance notice, we can prepare a required version food for you, although some products on menu may not be possible/taste as good without soy or without onion, garlic. but we try out best to make our food accessible to everyone.

Do we have gluten free options?

Currently we donot. We can definitely give it a try with an advance order, but strictly gluten free becomes a little difficult to ascertain as some products like tapioca starch or oats, may or may not have gluten in them.