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We offer 200+ Vegan Cake Flavours and Combinations to choose from, for your events and parties. Apart from this, we have wedding/engagement cake options on display, coupled with a few options of refined sugar free options as well. Customizations are available. All of this is EGGLESS, DAIRY FREE & VEGAN CAKES. Call on 9971980350 for discussion. We cater to orders from Gurgaon and Delhi NCR subject to Delivery charges. Vegan Cakes Gurgaon, Vegan Cakes in Delhi - Checkout Ethigreenz.

If you are looking for Vegan Cakes in Delhi or Vegan Cakes in Gurgaon, do visit Ethigreenz Cafe in Gurgaon/Gurugram.


Craft Your Love Story into a Delectable Masterpiece with Ethigreenz Vegan Wedding Cakes!

At Ethigreenz, we believe that your wedding cake should be as unique as the love you share. Say “I do” to our Vegan Wedding Cake Collection, where every cake is a blend of love, elegance, and extraordinary flavor. Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique journey, and our expert bakers are here to ensure that your cake tells that beautiful story.

Personalized Perfection – Your Vision, Our Creation: Imagine your dream wedding cake, and let us bring it to life. From handcrafted designs to flavors tailored to your preferences, we’re committed to making your wedding cake a true expression of your style and taste. Whether you envision a timeless tiered beauty or a modern masterpiece, each Ethigreenz cake is a canvas awaiting the personal touch that makes it uniquely yours.

Why Choose Ethigreenz for Your Wedding Cake?

  • Purely Vegan: Delight in guilt-free indulgence with our premium vegan ingredients.
  • Artistry Beyond Compare: Each cake is a work of passion, meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans.
  • Tailored Taste: Personalize every layer, from the cake sponge to the delectable fillings.
  • Stress-Free Connection: Reach out to us via call or WhatsApp for a personalized, stress-free experience.
  • Proven Expertise: Peruse our gallery below for a peek into our successful collaborations with couples who trusted us to make their special day even sweeter.

Wedding Cake References

Special Cakes

Take a moment to explore our gallery, featuring glimpses of our previous wedding cake creations. Your wedding deserves the finest, and at Ethigreenz in Gurgaon, we’re committed to making your wedding cake not just a dessert but a cherished part of your love story. Connect with us today on 9971980350, and let’s start crafting the sweetest chapter of your celebration!

Vegan wedding cakes Gurgaon
Vegan Engagement Cake
Vegan Wedding Cake Gurgaon Delhi
Vegan Wedding Cake Gurgaon Delhi

Reference Wedding Cakes

Vegan Wedding Cake Gurgaon Delhi

Fondant Flowers & Convering

Vegan Wedding Cake Gurgaon Delhi

Fondant Flowers and Topping

Vegan Engagement Cake Delhi Gurgaon

Engagement Cream Cake

Vegan Wedding Cake Delhi Gurgaon

White Fondant Cake & Flowers


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