Vegan Belgian Chocolate Almond Mousse Cake


This cake is a creamy chocolatey cake with more whipped cream compared to truffle cakes. If you prefer to have creamy goodness, then this is one of the cakes for you from our range of cakes. Chocolate used is dark belgian chocolate and overall taste is less sweet. The cake has roasted almond segments on top and in between the layers. If you are looking for more sweet chocolate taste, best to try our Chocolate Truffle Cake or Chocolate Mousse Cake.

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100% Eggless & Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse Cake. Belgian Chocolate is the best we have ever tasted, add some cream and roasted almonds to it, by god! 😀 This is a creamy cake as mentioned in the above description.


  • 100% Advance on Cake Booking.
  • Delivery Charges are Applicable as per distance and we currently cover Gurgaon and Delhi upto 20 kms from our location. Minimum order above 15 kms is Rs. 1500 (apart from delivery charges).
  • Booking should be done 1 day advance, we start delivering after 1 P.M. We make the cake and cover with icing on the same day as delivery to keep the cake and experience fresh!
  • In case same day delivery is expected, then we would need atleast 3 hours advance notice if in Gurgaon. For Delhi Deliveries, we can send cakes by CAB, so 4-5 hours notice would be required.
    For any queries, please contact us on 9971980350.

1 Kg, 2 Kg, 500 g


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