Wheat Multigrain Pizza Bases


Wheat Pizza Base & Multigrain Pizza Base (PACK OF 4 Pizza Bases)

Indulge in the diverse flavors and health-conscious options offered by Ethigreenz’s Fluffy Pizza Bases, Dominoes Style. Elevate your pizza experience with our Whole Wheat and Multigrain Pizza Bases, each crafted with precision and care. Our Whole Wheat Pizza Base is a testament to wholesome goodness, offering a slightly nutty flavor and robust composition. Meanwhile, our Multigrain Pizza Base brings a delightful medley of grains and seeds. We also offer a Sugar Free Pizza Base Option so have our wide range of pizza bases Guilt Free! Also, made without Dairy products, so these are plant based or vegan friendly!

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Whether you crave the simplicity of whole wheat or the nuanced flavors of a multigrain blend, our pizza bases are the perfect canvas for your culinary creations.

For those mindful of their sugar intake, we also offer Sugar-Free Pizza Bases alongside our classic options. Savor the same deliciousness without compromising on your dietary preferences. At Ethigreenz, we believe in offering a range that caters to every taste and dietary need, ensuring that your pizza experience is both delightful and health-conscious. Choose your preferred flavor and enjoy a guilt-free pizza indulgence today.

Ingredients: Flour (WHole Wheat 90%, All Purpose Flour 10%), Water, Peanut Oil, Gluten, Salt, Sugar, Bread Improver, Yeast, Calcium propionate. For Multigrain – 60-65% Wheat, 25-30% Multigrain Mix. In Sugar free, we have date syrup as an ingredient instead of sugar.

Allergen Information: Contains Gluten, Peanut and manufactured in facility dealing with oats, nuts, soy, gluten. Dairy Free.

Note: Advance notice of 24 hours is required. Normally we do keep stock of Wheat Pizza bases. Store in Clean, Cool, Airtight place for longer shelf life. Generally best before 5-6 days in winters and 3-4 days in summer.

For Bulk Order or Collaboration for supply visit THIS or Call us on 9971980350.

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Weight 400 g

Whole Wheat, 3-Grain Multigrain, 9-Grain Multigrain


White Sugar, Date Syrup


11", 8"


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