Hazelate® Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Dairy Free, 40% Nuts)


HAZELATE ® – Is our trademarked brand of Chocolate Nut Spreads comprising of high percentage of different nuts, chocolate and free of preservatives/dairy/palm oil. This (Hazelnut) version consists of more than 40% nuts  and is SMOOTH in texture making it exceptionally tasty treat for you and your loved ones. Our complete range of chocolate spreads consists of Almond Chocolate Spread (Crunchy), Hazelnut Chocolate Spread & Refined Sugar Free Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Spread.

Moreover, our packaging is done in Glass Bottle & use minimum to no plastic for courier in order avoid plastic waste! We take a lot of effort from our end to make the product better from all aspects making it an All Rounder Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.  All our spreads are Vegan friendly. Some of our customers call it the best and highest quality substitute vegan nutella. You may visit our INSTAGRAM page to see customer feedback for our earlier products in Stories.

Scroll down for complete description about the product in detail along with it’s uses.

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Summary of Uses

Cakes/Brownies/Doughnut Topping

Premium Cake Topping/Filling is an excellent taste booster | add an extra Yummi-ness or nutti-ness! Recipes will be shared soon

Cold/Hot Coffee/Chocolate Shakes

Add a Tables spoon in your cold/hot coffee for an amazing experience! Recipes will be shared to help you.

Bread Spread or Freeze for Chocolate

Simply apply to bread slice for snack or freeze in mould to make chocolates. Recipes will be shared soon for more help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jar Size

220 g, 425 g, 800 g


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