Vegan Liquid Moz Pizza Cheese


Looking for the perfect vegan cheese for your pizzas made at home or your cafe/bakery/restaurant? Check this product – It browns, bubbles & tastes really good as per every feedback we have received after it’s launch! For Details, scroll…

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Vegan Cheese used to be a rare product in the market. Add to that, very few places where vegan options are available. Being a Vegan Bakery & Cafe in Gurgaon (Formerly Elysian Delights), we decided to get this product of ours into the market after having tested it with over a 1000 customers and after many feedback and variations. A product which is tasty, vegan & appears like that dairy pizza cheese topping when it browns!

Now you can make your own pizzas at home, bakery, cafes – anytime, anywhere!

Current Shelf Life is 1 month with the preservatives, but once opened we advice to finish the pack within 6-7 days.

Pack Size: 500g
Shelf Life: 1 month
(with preservatives)

For Sale only in Gurgaon at the moment. For Bulk Food orders, we can deliver to Delhi, Noida, Faridabad as well.


We look forward to collaborating with cafes/bakeries that wish to open a vegan section or individuals who are planning to start their own food chains. We would be happy to supply our products as these are market tested and approved! Vegans have loved our products overtime and every feedback is taken seriously to the best of our capability and judgement.

Checkout our video shorts using the liquid moz cheese and it’s consistency!


1 Kg, 500 g


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